Fathers and Families has produced a review of research in support of the campaign against the PBS show "Breaking the Silence' and provided it to PBS. The review demonstrated that the central claims of the show were false. Fathers and Families has compiled published research in its position papers supporting its legislative bills on moveaways, paternity fraud, and shared parenting. Fathers and Families has sponsored the in-person presentation of research by Sanford Braver (child support), Richard Gelles (domestic violence), Amy Baker (parental alienation), Rebekah Coley (youthful delinquency) and others before decision-makers in Massachusetts. Fathers and Families is currently compiling research reports documenting that family court reform will help children who suffer from the eight leading problems of children:
  • child abuse
  • educational underachievement
  • depression or alienation
  • violence or gang activity
  • poor health
  • teen pregnancy
  • substance abuse
  • dysfunctional future family relationships.
These reports will be distributed and promoted when ready. Fathers and Families has also researched and investigated numerous high-profile custody cases which were publicized by misguided women's advocates who promote the idea that family courts favor male abusers over protective mothers. Upon investigation, Fathers and Families found that none of these cases were being represented accurately in the media, and that the mothers involved lost custody only after committing numerous and well-documented wrongs. A few of these cases are:
  • The Genia Shockome case featured in Newsweek magazine.
  • The Holly Collins case featured by Fox News and Inside Edition.
  • The Sadia Loeliger case highlighted by PBS.
  • The Bridget Marks case highlighted by Larry King Live, PrimeTime Live, The O'Reilly Factor, Dr. Phil, and others.

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Volunteer Testimonial

"Facts show those younger children whose parents have equal shared custody are doing better emotionally, psychologically, academically and socially. Unfortunately, the Connecticut family court system has always been about one parent winning, and the other losing. Working with National Parents Organization we can help create an Equally Shared Parenting Task Force in the Connecticut Legislature. The purpose would be to create a law that would improve the lives of our children by experiencing direct support, love, and care from both parents and extended families."

By Paul Schaffer, Member, Connecticut Executive Committee