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August 13, 2013 by Michael A. Polemeni, Member, Alabama Executive Committee

On August 2nd 2013, The Alabama Affiliate of the National Parents Organization was represented by Michael Polemeni at the Advisory Office of the Courts (AOC) Committee on Child Support and Enforcement. This committee recommends to the Supreme Court on actions, Rules and Support Guide Lines.

The Federal Social Security Act Title IV-D requires this review every four years. In 2008 an increase was recommended and accepted for most non-custodial parents in Alabama. The poorest and richest had declines. PSI did the economic report, which was accepted. The Alabama Family Rights Association thought to include the work of economist Mark Rogers of Georgia. The request was denied. Rogers’ model is cost based versus PSI's which is income based.

Again, Alabama parents are needed to make are voices heard by our courts, judges, lawyers and legislators.

Join The National Parents Organization of Alabama and make change in Alabama happen. Fit parents and their children and grandchildren deserve Shared Parenting.

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