June 22, 2013

To: National Parents Organization Members
From: Massachusetts Executive Committee Members

Effective August 1, 2013, Massachusetts will be following revised child support guidelines. 

  • An average of 10% decrease in child support orders for one child.
  • An average of 6% decrease in child support orders for more than one child.

The Massachusetts Child Support Guidelines Task Force just completed its work.   Our Massachusetts Executive Committee is analyzing the revised guidelines.  National Parents Organization will have our analysis and review to you early in the week. 

Until then, here are the links to the press release, the 2013 Child Support Guidelines, the report, and the worksheet with instructions.  National Parents Organization has been providing information in our e-newsletter about the Task Force and its process as well as commentary on the now revised child support guidelines.

Congratulations to all who testified or who presented written testimony.  Thank you for standing up for the children of Massachusetts.

From the Massachusetts Trial Court:

The Massachusetts Trial Court Press Release

The Child Support Guidelines Task Force Report and Accompanying Documents

From National Parents Organization:

Attend the Child Support Guidelines Hearings

Massachusetts Child Support Guidelines Are Actively Harmful to the Wellbeing of Children

Child Support Guidelines Make Fathers ATM

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