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October 17, 2013

NPO Logo National Parents Organization improves the lives of children and strengthens society by protecting every child's right to the love and care of both parents after separation or divorce. We seek better lives for children through family court reform that establishes equal rights and responsibilities for fathers and mothers.
Could Shared Parenting Become the Presumption in Maryland?
By John Clapp, PhD, Member, Executive Committee, National Parents Organization of Connecticut

Mark Cyzyk
Mark Cyzyk
Governor Martin O’Malley has convened a Maryland Commission on Child Custody Decision Making. Maybe this is an indication that our Maryland government thinks there is a problem? We sure hope so.

The Commission is the result of HB687 passed during the 2013 legislative session. As part of the Commission’s work it is holding public hearings around the state. Please attend one of the Public Hearings and bring your ideas on how to make shared parenting the norm in Maryland.

National Parents Organization of Maryland worked to pass this legislation to begin the process of bringing shared parenting to Maryland. Maryland need not lag behind other states. Please let us know if you will be attending one of these hearings. Read more...

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“I have been a step-parent for over 20 years and now am a doting grandmother to two beautiful granddaughters. By spending time with my step-children through the years, I have seen first-hand the wants and needs of children whose parents are divorced or separated. I believe children deserve the opportunity to love and to spend time with both of their parents equally through shared parenting.”

Susan Takach
Susan Takach, Member,
Ohio Executive Committee
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