NPO has taken a strong stand to support parents who are paying child support and are facing a potential disaster due to the coronavirus-caused economic recession. The NPO Board has passed four resolutions: two aimed at Congress, two aimed at state legislatures. Here is what they say:

1. NPO resolves to urge Congress to: To add Subsection (c) to the CARES Act, Division A, Title II, Subtitle B, Sec. 2201. 2020.(d)(2) and then to immediately request that the Department of the Treasury recover the $1,200 Stimulus payments sent to the state child support programs in order to pay them to the child support payers along with any other $1,200 stimulus payments that may not yet have been passed on to the States.

2. NPO resolves to urge Congress to: Amend Social Security Act (SSA) Title IV, Part D, Sec. 466.(a)(9)(C) (the “Bradley Amendment”) to waive this provision during the COVID-19 crisis.

3. NPO resolves to urge the [STATE] Legislature to: Amend the state statutes, upon Congress amending the “Bradley Amendment” to waive this provision during the COVID-19 crisis, to remove language that limits the retroactive modification of child support to any period during which the petitioning party has pending a motion for modification.

4. NPO resolves to urge the [STATE] Legislature to: Amend state statutes pertaining to child support enforcement so that they exclude child support payers who have been making regular recent payments (even if only partial payments) on their child support orders.

NPO has communicated these resolutions to Congress and to leaders in the federal child support system. And we’re working with our state affiliates to communicate the appropriate ones to their state legislatures.

We urge everyone to contact their state and federal legislators to impress on them the seriousness of these issues. Without swift and strong government actions, there will be needless suffering of millions of parents and their children.

Full text of the NPO Board of Directors Resolutions

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